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Escort - what is it? Elite work or prostitution?

Attractive girls always knew their worth and tried to get married successfully to ensure a good life. In modern realities, every neat woman can earn herself a comfortable old age thanks to such activities as an escort.

Escort is what? Prostitution? No, an escort is not cheap prostitution and moreover, this concept does not always mean the purposeful provision of intimate services. Clients who contact escort agencies (or directly to girls) may not pursue the goal of having sex at all. That's because an escort in general represents a different kind of escort, and in this case, men for a certain amount get the opportunity to spend time accompanied by a beautiful girl (for example, on vacation, corporate parties, parties or just in the company of friends). Not every case of the so-called “removal” of girls in the escort ends with sex, while prostitution provides targeted sex for money.

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How are escorts women better than prostitutes?

Wealthy men have long been regularly using the services of escort women, because unlike prostitutes, these are well-groomed, always beautiful ladies, in whose company it is really not a shame to appear in public. Actually this is the fundamental principle of escort services.

There are several main criteria that distinguish the escort women against the background of cheap prostitutes:

• Neat appearance, well-groomed. Eskortnitsy spend a lot of money on maintaining a beautiful appearance: make a manicure, watch the figure (although customers have different tastes), maintain health and so on.

• Communicability. A lady should always be able to start a conversation with a client, perhaps, to support him in something, and in no case be rude. Of course, there are cases when men allow themselves too much, then the girl is not obliged to tolerate such an attitude.

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• Education. Yes, for some men it is important that the companion was not stupid, well-read and even had a higher education. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is of course welcome directly for communication with customers.

• The ability to flirt. A girl should always be able to please a man, give herself at her best, in order to leave a good impression after her.

• Having experience in sexual relationships. At first glance, this item may also apply to prostitutes, but in the case of escort women, sex is more likely to act as a pleasant addition to a good beauty company, rather than a way to quickly satisfy men's lust.

That is why men are willing to pay more for the evening in the company of a beautiful girl more money than for a cheap prostitute, while they do not spend precious time searching. The period that clients can spend with escort women starts from one hour and can be extended up to a whole month (escort leave), if the partners give mutual consent.

The cost of escort services is formed depending on the external data, personal qualities and of course the professionalism of girls. Especially talented and attractive ladies can work in the VIP-class escort, where the prices of the services provided can be ten times higher than the classic escort.

Men in escort

Despite the high demand for the female half, both young guys and fully grown men can work in the field of escort. The services of a “peasant on call” are used by a large number of single ladies and those who are not satisfied in the personal life of their own husband or young man.

A beautiful, clean, pleasantly smelling man can make a company to a woman on a financial basis and again, not every meeting can end with sex at the request of the client. If in the case of girls, it is possible to assume excess weight, the lack of model parameters, low growth and other shortcomings, then the strong sex in the escort agencies is selected exclusively with a sporty physique, or even put up a demand for model appearance. However, guys can easily place their profile on a specialized website such as Israel Escorts to advertise their private services.

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The prospect of working in an escort

Given the fact that escort services are legally allowed in some countries of Europe and Asia, this type of activity will not cease to be relevant for a long time. Escort is a completely legal process, and the intimate act itself is provided on a voluntary basis (in the case of a classic escort - for a fee). Perhaps from a moral and ethical point of view, this looks like pimping, but in fact, employees in the same escort agencies officially pay taxes, and after paying for services, a check is issued to customers, everything is quite civilized. Even in the case of a ban on the official activities of such agencies, escorts can work for themselves, for example, by posting a form on a specialized escort services website, for example, as it is now working in Israel.

Escort, what kind of activity?

Summarizing all the above, it is safe to say that Escort is a highly paid and prestigious job for women and men. The stereotype that almost any person who does not have special skills can provide escort services is completely untrue, because a candidate for such a vacancy should have a high stress tolerance, be talkative, attractive to clients both by external data and by the inner world. Such criteria are not suitable for everyone, so you should consider them if you want to start a career in an escort.