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How do girls make big money in Israel?

For beautiful girls in Israel openly many ways to realize their potential and make good money. Israel attracts with its warm climate, friendly people and many agencies that provide a variety of services for tourists and local people. Russian-speaking residents are not uncommon here, which is why our girls easily make working contacts and contacts in this country.

Photographers, designers, fashion designers, administrators who work in local agencies know firsthand how girls make big money in Israel. Thus, it is possible to single out several of the most sought-after activities for which girls can receive decent wages, and perhaps a good tip.

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Escort services in Israel

Perhaps the most profitable and common type of activity for girls in Israel. There are always high-paying vacancies in agencies, and the threshold for entering such work is quite low. There are a lot of wealthy men in Israel, both local and Russian-speaking, but regardless of their nationality and religion, they all love to have a good time with beautiful women. There is a very high chance to find permanent cash sponsors for regular meetings, both on an intimate basis and without it.

Beautiful girls of Slavic appearance are always rated at a high price, especially among wealthy Israelis who do not stint and spend a lot of money on spending leisure time in a pleasant company. The high demand for Slavs is due to the low attractiveness of the local female gender.

It is noteworthy that the girls can work in the field of escort services in Israel, not only through agencies, but also independently provide their services through the Internet. It is enough to place your profile on the site Israel Escorts, making it beautiful photos and an attractive description - and on the specified contacts potential customers themselves will contact the girl.

Work in the field of escort services in Israel can a girl with attractive external data. It is not necessary to have model parameters, because the tastes of men are very diverse.

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Earnings in the field of Israeli escort services range from 8,000 to 12,000 US dollars per month. Really amazing numbers.

Work as a model or mannequin in Israel

On the Internet, you can really find a lot of sites with ads on the recruitment of girls in Israeli modeling agencies, and this market is even somewhat saturated. Such work involves participation in fashion shows and promotions, videos and photo shoots for promotional materials of famous brands and many other interesting events.

To obtain such a position, the fair sex must meet several criteria:

• Availability of a portfolio. A girl should work for some time in a similar position in her country in order to show her employer competitiveness. Experience is required in almost all Israeli agencies;

• Slim, interesting appearance, sociability. In the modern realities of the Israeli model business, representatives of Slavic appearance are very much appreciated;

• Knowledge of English or Hebrew for those who want to move up the career ladder.

Salary models in Israel starts with a mark of $ 2000 per month.

Work as a masseuse in Israel

This type of activity requires specialized education or the passage of appropriate massage courses. Candidates may also be required to have some experience, so it is advisable to have at least the slightest experience in their home country. Quite often, the intimate and erotic massage is included in the list of services provided. Welcome knowledge of Hebrew at the beginner level.

The average salary of female masseuses in Israel is between $ 2,000 and $ 2,500.

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Work as a stripper in Israel

Night clubs and other entertainment establishments of Israel put forward quite strict requirements for the recruitment of dancers. In addition to the beautiful appearance, girls should be able to move well, own a pole and be able to seduce. All this must be shown at the casting, where there may be considerable competition. Work may not necessarily be associated with intimate services, because strippers are not forced to have sex with clients if they themselves do not want to, in fact they are protected by law. Moreover, in such institutions, men usually just want to relax in the company of beautiful girls, rather than looking for comfort.

A big income stripper depends on the tip. The more charismatic and active the dancer, the more she will have satisfied customers and the higher the chance to get a private dance.

Earnings strippers in Israel can be $ 2000-3000 per month. The size of the tip may vary depending on the prestige of the institution.

All of the above activities are in demand at any time of the year, and given the large tourist potential of Israel, they will be relevant for a long time. If we talk about how girls earn big money in Israel, then it is worth noting that work in unskilled positions (such as nurses, cashiers, waiters, cleaners, handymen, packers or any other physical labor) will be paid at the minimum hourly rate, which is now about $ 8 per hour.