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Do you know that your favorite color can tell a lot. In the preferences you can tell us not only about the character of the man, but also about his sexual choice. Today we will try to tell you about something new and learn all your innermost secrets. Let's think about what is your favorite color? Maybe Black? In your wardrobe benefits of green or pink? Soon we will reveal all the cards of every sex life.

Let's start with a very popular color. This color always represents passion and romance. Most women have something red in their wardrobe. People who choose this color of passion are actually very strong and sexy. They are burning and even brutally insatiable. They can have sex in its various manifestations. If there are two lovers of red on the bed, then the stormy night will be intense. One hundred percent of all neighbors will hear your screams and sparks fly everywhere.

Many say they prefer black. But in most cases, they simply do not understand that in fact it is a color for life. But the true connoisseurs of dark shades can be described as closed, and often depressed people. Sexually. They can behave well even when they are depressed. They often have a bad mood, but strangely all this does not affect the quality of sex.

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White color attracts shy and timid women. Girls often consider sexual intercourse as obscene. They never discuss their sex life. With a partner behave very awkwardly and may even undress just under the blanket.

For people who have chosen to put a lot of yellow diagnoses possible. These are volatile and even weak partners. They are always trying to adapt to someone. They have their own preferences in sex. They have a strong position in the pair, and this is evident in all respects.

Maybe your color is green? If so, then you are a little clumsy and funny, but at the same time beautiful and charming. Lovers of this color are very gentle in bed and always faithful to their partner.

Those who prefer the blue color can feel the king of sex. In bed, these people show the highest class. For them, this art is given to him completely. If your companion or love companion is blue, you will get high-quality and luxurious sex.

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Pink color can tell a lot about a person. Ladies can be fake. In fact, do not give you a promise. They may verbally be passionate lovers, but in bed it will not work out at all. Men, on the contrary, not only love to flirt, but also have a good time, but also not with a girl. These guys are prone to don Juan.

Violet speaks of selfishness. In bed, these people try to look beautiful and always worry about it. Girls are worried that their hair is tangled, or their makeup has worn off. These partners are not trying to please the satellite, they prefer to think only about themselves.

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Men are mostly terribly practical and immediately abandon all questionable procedures and things if they seem suspicious to them. Men less fall on all sorts of cheats and "divorce". They are not held in financial pyramids, fraud and network marketing, while women often fall for the impostors. For the most part, this winning strategy is vital, because it allows you not to invest in all dubious structures and gives you the opportunity in general to be more critical of the world.

Quite often, men spoil their health very much, various “male work”, because they mistakenly consist in the fact that hard work will be well paid, and work is often not too smart. In addition, we can safely say that the male lifestyle destroys the body, but, of course, this does not prove a man.

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If you do not play sports, you can go for a massage. Erotic massage will help to relax, but again, for most men, massage is sheer stupidity, they will not spend time and money on it. But what men are willing to spend their hard-earned money on is sex, men just love sex.

In this case, a man can offer sex massage, through erotic massage. This is a cross between the first and second.

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